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Year of the Wood Horse

Welcome 2015

As the Year or the Horse draws to a close and the Year of the Goat dawns, please consider these simple Feng Shui Tips:

  • Increase your chance of promotion or recognition by placing 6 x 20 cent coins in the West sector of your house. Make sure you wash them first.
  • Increase your relationship luck by placing fresh flowers or lush plants in the North sector.
  • Remember to place an all metal wind chime in the South-east to mitigate the malignant forces of Obstacles and Misfortune.


 Feng Shui Advice DECEMBER 2014

As with everything else in life, nothing stays the same and….so it is with energy, its constantly in a state of flux. Therefore, it’s important to address the changes within the forces at play to ensure your opportunities are maximised.

In Feng Shui there are many layers of energy to address at any given point in time. However, the forces that are most negative or....for that matter most auspicious and....with the longest duration are those that are vital to remedy.


GOOD and BAD DAYS Year of the Horse 2014 Rat Month

Do you want to know what the days to avoid and the days to start your projects so they will likely have a chance of succeeding?

The Rat month starts on the 7th December 2014 – 6th January 2015.

We've listed are the BAD days and the GOOD in the Rat month in the year of the Horse 2014. If this is of interest to you ...


The Chinese penchant for looking at objects and interpreting their hidden meaning is revealed by the prolific useof symbols within their culture and these symbols are like a secondary language, rich in nuances and that penetrates all their communication.

In Chinese, each written character represents an entire word which is in deep contrast to our alphabetical text where a sequence of individual letters signifies a word. This means that more or less every word in the Chinese language is represented by a different symbol so it is not unrealistic to consider that whenever pen is put to paper or in carvings it usually has some mysterious or obscure meaning.

Astrology for the Year of the Horse

Whilst Chinese animal Astrology, based only on the year of birth is not complete it can give you some idea of what's in store. For a fuller, intricate & reliable assessment of the year ahead it is advisable to use the Four Pillars of Destiny system which requires your full birth data of hour, day, month & year. Read on to find Horoscopes for each sign under the Chinese system of animal Astrology.
• Monkey • Rooster • Dog • Pig • Rat • Ox • Tiger • Rabbit • Dragon • Snake • Horse • Goat

To read more and determine your animal sign click here







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